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What is the San Diego Cigar Society

San Diego Cigar Society is the ultimate destination for cigar aficionados. Our monthly networking events are meticulously curated to seamlessly unite successful professionals with an unrelenting passion for the finer things in life. Join us and elevate your senses to new heights.

What is the relationship between San Diego Cigar Society and Cigar Night Business Mixer San Diego?

San Diego Cigar Society is an evolution of the esteemed Cigar Night Business Mixer San Diego. Our mission, while still affiliated with the Orange County Cigar Night Business Mixer, has been elevated to cater to the discriminating tastes of cigar, scotch, and wine connoisseurs. Our network is comprised of the crème de la crème, all like-minded individuals passionate about entrepreneurship, art, politics, music, cars, travel, and the finer things in life. Join us for an evening of sophistication and networking that you won't soon forget.

Do I have to smoke to join?

As cigar connoisseurs, we understand that true class lies in never criticizing another's cigar tastes or knowledge. Even non-smokers are welcome in our circle, enjoying the chance to meet distinguished individuals and engage in stimulating discourse. Join us for an elevated experience of the senses and the mind.

As a newcomer to the world of cigars, I'm eager to expand my knowledge. Is there a resource that can guide me towards becoming a cigar aficionado?

At San Diego Cigar Society, we believe that education should be free from judgement and embarrassment. Our mission is to create a safe haven for cigar aficionados to expand their knowledge and network with like-minded individuals. Come experience a world of sophistication and indulgence with us.

What are the different cigar cuts?

Enhance Your Cigar Experience with the Perfect Cut

The way you cut your cigar can greatly impact the overall flavor and enjoyment of your smoke. The secret lies in how much smoke can pass through, and different cuts offer different concentrations.

For a bold and intense flavor, opt for a punch cut. This method removes a precise cylinder, giving a small opening for smoke that results in a concentrated taste. However, beware that some feel it can also intensify heat and be overwhelming.

If you prefer a cooler, smoother smoke, try a guillotine or scissor cut. These cuts remove a larger portion of the cap, allowing less concentration and a milder flavor profile.

For a happy medium, V- and X-cuts offer some concentration without overwhelming the palate. Regardless of which cut you choose, your cigar experience will be elevated with the perfect cut.

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