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Mission and Vision


Our mission at San Diego Cigar Society is to provide a sophisticated and unparalleled environment where successful individuals can come together to indulge in the finer things in life. With our extensive knowledge of cigars, wines, scotch, bourbon and whiskey, we aspire to educate our members on the art of pairing, selecting, and enjoying these luxuries to their fullest potential. Our monthly meetings are attended by an elite group of accomplished individuals from various industries including C-level executives, directors, founders, doctors, attorneys, judges, and more. Our members engage in meaningful conversations about politics, literature, music, and other fascinating topics, which help them cultivate valuable connections with like-minded professionals while also broadening their intellectual horizons. At San Diego Cigar Society, we strongly believe in promoting social responsibility and giving back to society as a whole. As such, we encourage and facilitate philanthropy amongst our members, as we believe in making a positive impact on the world in addition to fostering professional growth. Our team of experts maintains a high level of commitment to provide our members with comprehensive education on all the finer things in life. From cigar etiquette to selecting the perfect cigar, and from pairing the right kind of whiskey with your cigar to understanding the nuances of a great wine, we are committed to offering our members an unparalleled experience of indulgence and enlightenment. Join us today and be a part of an exclusive community that is committed to personal and professional excellence.



Our vision is driven by the desire to create a community of highly successful individuals who seek to empower one another through shared knowledge, resources, and expertise. We are committed to fostering an environment of growth and collaboration, where members can elevate their individual pursuits while contributing to a greater purpose of serving and giving back to society. Through our sophisticated network, we aim to provide members with exclusive access to a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional development, including mentorship, training, and networking events. We believe in the power of peer-to-peer learning, where members can learn from each other's diverse backgrounds and experiences, and gain fresh perspectives to help them overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Our commitment to giving back to society is central to our vision. By engaging in meaningful and impactful philanthropic activities, we hope to create a culture of social responsibility amongst our members, and inspire positive change locally and globally. Together, we can leverage our collective resources and skills to make a significant difference in the world and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.


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